NosGUARDSG Auto Odor Eliminator is a Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2) deodorizing delivery system. The ClO2 breakthrough technology controls odor-causing bacteria, mold and mildew and chemical odors at their source.

When do you need a NosGUARDSG ClO2 Treatment?

When you need five-star fresh fast, give your car a treatment to reset the smell.

meet the culprits

What causes bad smells in the first place? Some are obvious, but some are definitely surprising. These are the real causes of bad odors.


Cigars. Cigarettes. Even campfires. All smoke permeates any fabrics in your car, including the carpets, headliner, upholster, even the seat belts! NosGAUARDSG neutralizes smoke molecules on contact.

Wet Dog

Your dog is carrying a host of bacteria in his fur producing all types of smells. ...but when he gets wet, the water carries those smells off his body and straight to your nose. NosGUARDSG destroys the odors caused by bacteria.

Mildew Smells

One rainstorm and a barely open window, and yep, you've got mildew smells. Fortunately, NosGUARDSG is formulated to chemically neutralize those smells deep within carpet and upholstery.


All of those crumbs have to go somewhere. And that somewhere is your nose. As food particles break down, they release not-so-appetizing odors. NosGUARDSG is not an air freshener--it actually removes the foul odor at its source.

Body Odor

As sweat and body odor build up in cars, it gets baked into the upholstery. NosGUARDSG controls the odor-causing bacteria to molecularly eliminate odors at their source.

Everything Else

Not to get too gross, but everything from a spilled latte to car sickness will cause some horribly funky odors. Not to worry, though...NosGUARDSG gets to the heart of tough odors.
Cute girl taking off sandy boots in the back of an SUV with her dog

Because life happens

For those weekend outings, keep the good memories--not the bad smells. Use NosGUARDSG to irradicate wet dog, smelly feet, or smoky tent odors, and replace them with the good memories, like beach day, nature hike, and camping.

Rideshare driver with happy, smiling passenger

Because work happens

Sometimes our car is our office. For rideshare drivers, having a welcoming, clean-smelling environment is paramount for great reviews, ratings, and tips. If you need that five-star fresh smell after a rock star night of driving, trust NosGUARDSG.

Easy To Use

The do-it-yourself NosGUARDSG patented vapor delivery system is fast, easy, and effective. Check out this quick video and see how...

Saturate Sponge Remove White Pouch Insert Pouch into sponge Place in tray


See what others are saying about NosGUARDSG

It's been about a week now- no dog odor. Before trying this product I'd tried a lot of different products and nothing worked for long. The smell would always return - Wet dog stinks! Reviewer

Last owner of my car was clearly a smoker. I tried everything! Sprays, carpet shampooer, etc... Nothing else worked. This did. Worked in a few hours. No fuss, easy to use.

Amazon Reviewer

It really pulled the smell out not like a spray that covers the scent -- there was a definite chemical reaction. Don't forget, your car smells less gross to you then everyone else, so get the product. Reviewer


Got questions? We’ve got answers.
For any other questions, just

Is chlorine dioxide the same as chlorine?

While chlorine dioxide (ClO2) has chlorine in its name, chlorine dioxide's chemistry is radically different than that of chlorine. Just as when hydrogen—an explosive gas—is combined with oxygen, it becomes water, chlorine dioxide does not share many of the dangerous properties of chlorine or bleach.

Is ClO2 safe?

Chlorine Dioxide is considered non-mutagenic, non-carcinogenic, and relatively non-irritating. Chlorine Dioxide doesn’t form hydrochloric acid when exposed to water like chlorine does, nor does it form carcinogenic chlorinated hydrocarbons as byproducts. However, NosGUARDSG is a very powerful treatment, so read and follow all safety warnings and procedures.

Does Chlorine Dioxide gas leave a residue?

Nope. Chlorine dioxide gas does not leave any sort of residue after treatment. While some aerosol treatments can leave a film on seats and windows, Chlorine Dioxide gas completely breaks down, leaving no residue on your expensive interior.

Will it harm my leather seats?

Short answer: no, it won’t.

Long answer: no, it will not.

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